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Revealed: How I got Premium Theme-Junkie Themes for Free

You came here to download premium themes from Theme-Junkie for free, haven’t you? Let me guess, the title was too tempting for you to resist. Aha, I can visualize you wickedly smiling after reading that!

This post won’t disappoint you. It’ll show you how to get Theme Junkie themes for free.

Man oh man, these premium WordPress themes are so costly nowadays! I could buy a pair of shining Nike soccer shoes with the sort of money that these theme creators are demanding! You know, I’m a soccer buff!

No doubt that these themes are beautiful and all that, but who’d shell out such ridiculous amounts of money for buying them? Not you, I know that. That’s why you’re here hunting for free premium themes!

I know what you’ve been doing so far

I can see my former self in you! When I started out blogging, I too was using a free theme. I wanted premium themes so badly (but was unwilling to spend the bucks they were asking) that I took to the search engines, typing in queries like ‘xyz theme free download’ and all that.

Believe me, you won’t be disappointed by the results that SEs will return for those queries. You could very easily lay your hands on pirated version of premium themes for free! So nice, isn’t it?

Those guys bust their a*s off creating these themes, many folks spend money to buy it. Here you are, getting those very themes for free! You are so cool, Mr ‘Free’man!

Pirated (Nulled) Premium themes are dangerous!

Wait, I’m gonna disappoint you. The pirated stuff could probably be very ‘dangerous’! Have you heard of nulled themes?

The free premium theme you downloaded yesterday and are using on your blog could be nulled! Nulled themes are tampered ones.

They have their various scripts (related to security ) removed by the guy who made it ‘free for you’!

Basically, these themes have ‘backdoors’ or vulnerabilities, which can be exploited by others (read hackers). Many of these ‘free premium themes’ are actually traps!

Whoa, again, sorry for disappointing you. But I just wanted to help you out.

Please stop using such themes. And worry not, I’ll tell you how to grab premium Theme Junkie themes for free (the original ones of course)! Stay with me and you’ll be rewarded.

Which theme are you using right now?

Are you using a free theme or a pirated one? Most new bloggers tend to start their blogging journey with ‘free’ themes. Yeah, there are loads of them out there.

Many of them look damn attractive also! Then why are not we being charged for using them? Are the developers so generous?

No, I don’t think they are kind like me. Here I’m sharing my secret of how to get premium stuff for free! That’s such a kind act, isn’t it?

Basically, they are free for a reason. No developer would give away themes for free blindly. These themes often lack key features like stability, security, responsiveness etc.

They might look attractive, but what use is ‘beauty’ of when security is compromised?

Their coding would often be sub-standard. After all, who’d go through all this trouble to give away the theme for free in the end?

The developer would be like- ‘Let me just make my way quickly through this s**t! I’ve got more worthy things to do!’

Sub-standard coding can be associated to a slow loading blog. It is something that Google doesn’t like much. Not just Google, visitors would also ditch such blogs.

Basically, your blog will be like a desert (minus the tourists and camels).

That prospect sucks! Bloggers love traffic! And free themes won’t let that happen!

Okay, I see that you’re not using a free theme. You’re using a pirated premium theme, aren’t you?

My friend, there are chances that you’ll break your blog! I told earlier, the case of ‘nulled’ themes.

They basically have their security scripts disabled. It is basically like a house with no doors and dogs!

Anyone can enter and loot it! In your case, replace the term ‘loot’ with ‘hack’.

Reasons why you must use Theme-Junkie

Since I’m going to tell you how to get premium (original) Theme Junkie themes for free, let me tell you more about the ‘qualities’ of it. As you can see, I’m using one right here on my blog!

How do you feel browsing through this blog? Feels like you are driving on an express highway, isn’t it? Yeah, I know the navigation is freaking awesome. So is the speed! It is blazing fast, thanks to the super neat and super efficient coding!

The design and the characteristics of a theme play a crucial role in deciding its loading speed. I can assure you that Theme-Junkie won’t let you down!

Just take my PageSpeed score and GT Metrix analysis for example. They’ll put other blogs to shame (Am I sounding over confident?)


Pingdom Test result..



GT Metrix scores..


PageSpeed Scores..



The user experience and usability is not sacrificed at all! They offer a wide variety of widgets and useful stuff. You can see that this theme effortlessly satisfies all my needs. I’ve got social follow widgets, mail subscription box and loads of other useful stuff over here. At the same time, the loading speed is awesome!

It is like getting the best of both the worlds! I’m getting productivity and speed in abundance. Theme Junkie is part responsible for it. You can customize the layout of the themes. If you’re the creative guy, you won’t be disappointed!

Another crucial and important feature TJ themes can assure you is responsiveness. The themes will render perfectly across various mobile devices like smartphones, tablets etc. Basically, you wouldn’t have to worry about mobile optimization after using TJ!

Responsive themes are pretty handy, given that Google wants blogs to be mobile friendly. Here’s my ultimate guide to make your blog mobile friendly.

Theme Junkie support is awesome!

I haven’t been making use of their support forum recently. This is because I can tweak and modify codes myself now! Yes, I freaking learnt it! But in the beginning, I was just a layman.

In the beginning, the support forum was like my ‘home’. I would be there 24/7! I used to pester those folks with loads of questions and doubts. Some of them were silly questions, while others were pretty serious stuff.

I must admit that the support staff of Theme Junkie never let me down! They’d come with prompt solution, no matter how silly the question was! Outstanding- this word very well describes the support forum.

How to get it for free?

This is the best part! I’ll tell you how I got three premium TJ themes for free. First of all, I avoided all those dangerous nulled premium themes.

I headed straight to Theme Junkie’s site and purchased 3 premium themes. This happened quite some time before. I bought them for 27$, after availing a discount coupon.

Next thing I did was I dived into TJ’s affiliate sales bandwagon. Seeing the performance of Theme Junkie on my blog, some of my friends, who owned blogs were intrigued.

Thanks to Theme Junkie’s performance, they readily purchased the theme using my affiliate link! TJ provided me with 50% as commissions.

In the very first month, I earned around 35$ through affiliate sales! Ultimately, it covered my cost of theme purchase! Thus, basically, I got it for free!

I’m still earning good money from TJ’s affiliates. Many facebook friends, who come to me asking about my blog’s good performance, end up getting impressed by TJ!

This is followed up by some of them buying using my affiliate link!

Actually, now I’m earning profit! I purchased this new domain and hosting, thanks to the profit I earned from TJ’s affiliate program!

This is how I ‘killed two birds’ using one stone! I got superb premium themes (ultimately for free!) and I’m earning passive income!

Further, using a premium theme gave my blog a professional look and more credibility. I even went on to bag couple of ‘sponsored posts’ on a blog of mine, from an educational institution in India, my country. All this gave me good money.

If I can do it, so can you! Make up your mind, you basically have nothing to do! People will naturally get interested in TJ themes, thanks to its performance! You just have to put your affiliate links for them to click on!


Click here to visit Theme Junkie!


I’ve revealed my little secret, as I’ve promised. Make sure that you make use of it. Here, grab some awesome Theme Junkie themes!

Pricing details

This is what separates TJ from the rest! The pricing is unimaginably economical! They’ve got a collection of 38 themes, which you can buy for just $50! Yes, 38 themes for just $50, it is deal of a lifetime!

If you don’t want all 38 themes, TJ has got another irresistible offer! On purchasing a single theme, you’ll get two bonus themes too! That becomes a total of three premium themes! And it’ll cost you 39$ for buying these three themes! This price can be reduced by using any of the many ‘discount coupons’!

And if you want an extra discount of 20% on purchase, they’re giving a ‘Great Discount’ right now! Grab it now guys! Each theme will thus cost you just 1.3$.

A list of benefits you’ll get after buying TJ themes

If you invest in buying Theme Junkie theme now, you’ll get tons of returns in future! You’ll get a well designed and blazing fast blog.

And if you use my method, you could easily recover the cost you spent on purchasing the theme and earn handsome profit! Grab this chance and visit Theme Junkie now!

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