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10 Ways To Make Your Blog More Successful

How to make your blog more successful

Starting a blog and running a successful blog are two different things altogether. The mechanics for starting a blog are simple: the first step is to choose a suitable platform, domain and hosting option.

Assigning a simple design for your blog and tweaking it so as to get the desired feel is the next step. Add plugins that you think are necessary and top it off by writing content that adds value to the readers’ knowledge.

To make a blog successful is every blogger’s dream. At the very outset, it should be kept in mind that it cannot be done instantly.

However, if you are ready to do consistent hard work and learn and follow the advice of those who have made it, success is close enough. Given below are 10 ways to make your blog more successful:

Tip #1: Spot Your Niche

If your blog topic is too general, you are competing with the best in the industry to get the same readers. Now, do not go for a topic that is so rare that you do not have much to write about either. The easiest way would be to choose a topic that reflects your hobby, what you like to talk or research about. Start by writing out 52 posts (one per week) on the topic.


Tip #2: Build Readership

The next step is to build readership. Writing compelling content is what will bring in the readers. Another essential thing is maintaining a blog free of spam content by adding the right plugins. This stops the shady Internet marketers from promoting their wares by using spam comments in your blog.

Tip #3: Build Relationships with Fellow Bloggers

Your online success depends on whether you receive support from other online bloggers or not. Be supportive to other bloggers in the same niche. Give thoughtful comments about their posts. Ultimately, this will lead to them to re-tweeting, linking or sharing your posts and giving you advice when you are stuck.

Tip #4: Engage with Your Readers

Asking an open-ended question at the end of a blog always prompts the reader of your blog to post in an answer and this gives way for active discussions and conversations with and between the readers.

Tip #5: Ensure that Your Readers Receive Your Posts

Many a time the reader of your blog would like to receive your latest posts via email. Using FeedBurner will help you accomplish this. It is also recommended to send in a newsletter once a month or autoresponder mails at regular intervals to further engage your reader.


Tip #6: Optimize for Keywords

Use keywords that are searched for often in your headings, subheadings and content. Ensure that they are well blended contextually.

Tip #7: Incorporate Links for SEO

You can get links from other sites by requesting successful bloggers courteously. However, ensure that your content is worthy of the link. You can write good quality content for popular blogs and get links in return. Your readers will be prompted to link to your content if you consistently present good quality.

Tip #8: Format Content Attractively

Format the content in your blog in such a way that readers are able to scan through and grasp the contents quickly and effectively. Provide subheadings/signposts so that readers can jump to the most relevant part of the post.

Use bullet points and highlight important sentences/words/quotes. Make it visually attractive by adding pictures, videos, and space for avatar images by the side of comments.

Tip #9: Make Your Blog Mobile Friendly

With more people accessing the Internet while on the move, it is important that you make your blog mobile friendly. Use appropriate plugins to translate your content to a suitable quick-display mobile theme while keeping your website theme undisturbed.

Tip #10: Assess Performance Metrics

Regularly assessing how your blog is on the basis of the number of comments, number of tweets (for which post), maximum number of likes (which post), new conversions that you have been able to make in a specific period, bounce rates (for which post), etc., can help you to zero in on what works and what does not.

At the end of it all, have your own unique perspective and allow your personality to show through so that you can connect right through to your readers.

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