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3 Horrible Ways Host Providers Can Ruin Your Blog’s SEO

When it comes to SEO, there are two main aspects- On Page and Off Page SEO. We all know that optimization is an integral part of blogging.

We also know a great WordPress theme like Avada coupled with great content and a fast server are the foundations to organic traffic.

Organic traffic is the source of revenue for any blog out there. The mode of monetization may differ from blog to blog. It may be affiliate sales, AdSense or premium content.

But anyways, for a blog to thrive, organic traffic is a must.

Consistent and decent inflow of organic traffic is all about how well you optimize your blog for search engines. I know that you know all this stuff.

Many of you are ‘Chuck Norris’ of the SEO world! You know how and where to use the keywords, how to create the right social media signals, you know how backlinks works.

Basically, you know On page and Off page SEO inside out!

Now that you know all the important things related to SEO, let me close this article… wait, I’m here to share some overlooked and often ignored aspects.

And wait, it has much to do with SEO! And most bloggers tend to forget this aspect of SEO. I mean, they don’t give due attention to it. The aspect I’m talking about is- ‘host provider’.

How host providers affect SEO of a blog?

Host providers- how do you select them? Most newbie bloggers hunt for the cheapest ones available. Or better yet, they choose the ones that offer the best deals and all.

After purchasing a hosting package and setting the blog up, they tend to forget about them altogether.

Well, that is until some big hosting related issue pops up! Whoa, I hope your hosting provider doesn’t fall into this category. You might be wondering how hosting provider and SEO are related.

Let me tell you, your hosting provider can influence the SEO of your blog in more than one way!

Basically, the way your host provider manages the server (on which your blog is hosted) is what influences SEO. Let me tell you describe it in detail.

Read on for some startling revelations.

#1 Bad Neighborhood can land your blog in trouble

Shared hosting is where this trouble pops its head. On a shared server, more than one blog or site is hosted on a single server. You never know which blog/site is hosted on the same server, which is hosting your blog.

If your blog’s neighborhood is bad, i.e comprising of sites showing questionable, illegal stuff, it could mean trouble.

Google often bans such sites and blogs, and usually takes note of the other sites and blogs hosted on the same server. Yes, you read it right folks!

Now, a good host provider will definitely make sure that such dangerous sites/blogs are not hosted on their servers!

But, the low quality ones, who don’t care about screening the sites, welcome them! And if you are unlucky enough to get your blog hosted on the same server, your SEO rating is all set to take a blow!

#2 Bad host provider and Shared hosting makes your blog load like a snail

We all know that loading speed is a factor affecting SERP standings of a site. It may not be a crucial factor, but still, it can’t be ignored. Particularly when Google is keen on taking the web browsing experience of users to the next level!

As I said before, shared hosting is all about hosting multiple sites on the same server. Usually, the reputed host providers stick to their policy of not ‘overcrowding’ the server. They usually make sure that the server resources are not strained.

But, this is not the case with bad host providers. For some reason, they believe that shared servers are like local trains (rush hour ones). Just see what I wrote about my Blue Host Review here They stuff more sites onto a single server, just for the sake of earning more money! This results in strained server resources and slow loading sites/blogs.

Again, this is not good for your blog’s SEO. And a slow site won’t get much visitors also (because it basically sucks!).

#3 Some host providers mess with your blog’s settings without your permission

Again, I’m talking about the poor host providers. But when it comes to #3, some of the reputed names have also indulged with their clients’ blogs, without their permission!

In one incident, a host provider went on to stop Google’s crawlers from crawling a blog! They did it through the server settings, preventing the bots from crawling the blog.

The reason was that the blog was quite huge. The host provider didn’t want to keep the server resources strained, while the bots crawled through the blog!

Just to save up some resources, they stopped Google bots from crawling the blog, and that too without informing the blog owner! This is unacceptable and ridiculous!

What use is SEO of when Google bots are unable to crawl your blog regularly?

Over to you

Okay, Mr Chuck Norris of the SEO world, have you been ignoring this aspect of SEO? If yes, monitor the doings of your host provider closely.

Check using Google Webmaster tools whether the bots are able to crawl your blog effortlessly. It is better to do a bit ‘research’ about a host provider before buying hosting from them.

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